Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The zen of procrastination

Okay, so not the most original of topics, but appropriate for a first entry. I've found that while I say I love writing, that I'm crazy if I'm not writing, that in actuality I spend an inordinate amount of time doing everything but writing. Sometimes this is a good thing. I figure out plot points or characterizations while I'm washing dishes, playing minesweeper, or chasing the dogs around the house. I'll read something that sends me off in a new direction, or I'll spend an hour cruising the internet, or watching the damn gophers dig new holes in the backyard, or...well, you get the picture.

Sometimes, when I'm banging my head against an idea and nothing is coming (or at least nothing good), procrastination is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Mostly it just eats my head and my time. So in an effort to find a slightly more productive way to procrastinate, I've started this blog/journal. Maybe I'm just fooling myself, but at least it'll be fun and will get the fingers limbered up for the ol' WIP.


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

I know a few things about procrastination! Staring out windows, watching clouds move, inspecting walls....

Half of me likes to be well ahead of schedule. The other half thrives under pressure and likes to work to a tight deadline.

I'm never happy, so I procrastinate and lecture myself about it.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Sparkle said...

"I will never say the word procrastinate again. I'll never see myself in the mirror with my eyes closed..." TMBG


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