Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Saguaro cactus. And yes, it is damn hot in the desert. Get over it.

Still recovering from ThrillerFest - met some cool people, got to hang with Mindy again & attended some decent panels. TFest was my first writer's con, and although I was indeed a shy freak girl, I did introduce myself to a few of the folks that I had previously only known from the blog world. Great to hang out with fellow Arizonan writers M.G. Tarquini (aka Mindy) and Elizabeth K., although they spent most of their time carting Barry Eisler & JA Konrath around Phoenix on their "drive-by book signing" tour or hanging out in the infamous Biltmore Bar. Also great to meet Killer Year writers Brett Battles, and (very briefly) Toni McGee Causey and J.T. Ellison. Also great to meet Mr. L.A. Noir himself, Stephen Blackmoore, Best First Novel nominee David Terrenoire (I managed to get his autograph on one of only 2 copies of his book available at the TFest bookstore), and Derek Rogers - he's new to the blogosphere, but was a pretty cool guy for an axe murderer. There were probably others that my poor, tired brain can't think of, but I honestly was not super social. I didn't hang out at the infamous Biltmore bar as much as I would have liked, although I think it helps to be independently wealthy to get a good drunk on there. $30 + for 2 margaritas? Puh-leeze. It was pretty cool, overall. Mental note...have secret emergency bar fund stashed for next writer's con & don't hide in hotel room as much.

Sunday I was completely worn out and didn't do a whole hell of a lot. On the other hand, I've been writing my ass off since I got back. I think I have Mr. Lescroart (just because I can spell it doesn't mean I can pronounce it!) to thank for that. His whole 'get out of your own way' thing during the brunch was exactly what I needed to hear. It's not like it's a new concept, but I think I reached critical mass & was able to get writing w/o getting hung up on it not being perfect the first time around. As my husband likes to say, "are you trying to the perfect novel NOW, or finish your damn draft?" Uh, I'll take option number 2, please. And on that note, I'll get back to throwing rocks at my protag.

Oh yeah. Here are a few links for some non-crime fic. stuff. If you'd like to hear the 1st chapter of me reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for my Bedtime Stories podcast, you can here it here. Just click on the bar under the photo - I had to ask Drew how to play it 'cause the bar was so small I missed it the first time. That's me narrating, and I also did the sound editing (only one nasty bobble) and added the music and sound effects. Also, if you're in the mood for a good spoken word/poem adventure, you can click here to hear Northern AZ poet Christopher Lane reading "If This Poem," recorded (by me!) at this year's Slab City Slam at Arcosanti. Same deal as above, click on the media bar under the photo of Chris & his son. And now I'm really truly outie.


At 10:56 AM, Blogger anne frasier said...

angie, that is so cool!

you have a great voice.

i keep hearing how expensive everything at the biltmore was -- and i'm really glad i didn't go even though it sounds like i missed a great time.

when i was calculating cost, i think i added about 100 bucks for food and drink. wow. i'm an idiot. sounds like i would have spent that in one day.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger anne frasier said...

oh, beautiful photo. i think i'll have to visit AZ. in the winter. and maybe seen the naked bookseller.

At 11:14 AM, Blogger angie said...

Glad you liked the Alice, Anne. Still working on the edits for the next chapter.

Yes, it was fucking expensive at the Biltmore. I was a cheap-o and stayed at a different hotel. It also helped that I had my car & could go eat elsewhere. No, I'm not glad you decided not to go - it would have been more fun if you were there, even though people were generally fun and friendly.

The desert part of AZ is definitely at its best in winter. Quartzite - home of the naked bookseller dude - would almost look like an actual town then. Except that it's almost entirely comprised of snowbirds living in their R.V.'s. They're supposed to have a kick ass gem show in February, too. I live in the mountains, so we have 4 "mild" seasons. Don't get as much snow as Flagstaff, but enough to keep me happy.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger M.E Ellis said...

Cool voice!

I had a 'whoa' moment. A voice to go with the blog. Surreal.


At 12:55 PM, Blogger anne frasier said...

well i heard somebody turned my stack of promo postcards facedown. :D i think that's funny as hell.

i've stayed off site before, and it's a hard, exhausting way to attend a conference. although i completely understand why you did so. i'm staying a few blocks away for bouchercon and i hope that doesn't become a pain in the butt. it's just nice to be able to go back to your room whenever you feel like it.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger anne frasier said...

god, i keep posting before i'm done.
i think we would have had fun together -- that part i do regret!

At 1:59 PM, Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...

Hey, Anne? You do come to visit, I've got a guest room with your name on it, okay? You, me, Angie, Sharon Hatcher, if we can convince her to come 15 minutes north. Sound like fun?

Don't worry about the cost of margaritas. Lala's paying.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger anne frasier said...

woot! that sounds like fun. thanks m.g. :) and if lala's paying for drinks....

At 6:42 AM, Blogger angie said...

OMG, Mindy! We could cause some serious damage...do you really think Phx is ready to deal with that?! I honestly didn't notice the table with all the fliers and postcards - shows how out of touch I was. Still, didn't hear any bullshit, for which I was grateful. Can't take passive aggressive shit too seriously. It'll pass.

And glad you liked the "Alice", M.E. It is kinda cool when people become more real. Getting to meet bloggers I knew only from their writing was one of the nicest things about ThrillerFest.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger C. Atrox said...

Oh, Angelina...I love your blogsite...captivating writing. I think you might enjoy my Arizona site, too. After all we are both fans of San Pedro. Ho. Ho.

Your old Prescott comrade known by another name.


At 9:05 AM, Blogger angie said...

The blogoshpere is such a weird and wonderful place. Glad to see you here "c. atrox." Indeed. I'm sure there's a fab story behind that particular moniker! Don't be a stranger, dude!

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

Lala must be rich!

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Stephen Blackmoore said...

Ooh. Alice? My favorite book ever. As soon as I'm near a machine that I can listen to that on I'm checking that out. Are you doing the rest of the chapters, too? That sounds like a blast to be a part of.

Anne, I saw your cards on the table, and then I didn't. I thought people had just snapped them up. Hadn't occurred to me that some asshat might have done something to them. Glad I didn't hang out with the petty crowd.


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