Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quick Update

Still recovering from work days (hey, I'm supposed to be a stay-at-home lady now - Three 12hr work days in 6 days is NO FUN!!!). Not to mention the cyber hangover from Tuesday's Pale Immortal release party/blog crawl/pimp-o-rama. What can I say? Anne Frasier knows how to throw a killer blog party.

I've got a review to write - I've been horribly remiss & a bit overwhelmed. So while I finish that up (hopefully to be posted later today!), I'll leave you with a bit of poetry that I read over at Dink's blog. Made me remember once again how powerful and wonderful a poem can be. Scurrying off to write my first ever review.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger dink said...

Thanks for this angie! It made my day -- maybe my whole week. I'm grateful.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger angie said...

Don't thank me - you're the one who wrote a fab poem! I just like to share cool stuff...


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