Friday, May 09, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Seems like when I'm firmly entrenched in my 'god, people suck' attitude, something comes along to remind me that there's good stuff going on, too.

I got up early today to run some errands. I stopped to get some gas and when I went inside to pay (ouchie!), I heard one of the coolest Random Acts of Kindness stories ever. The cashier rang me up and then said, "The best thing just happened to me." She then told me that she's finishing up her degree to be a para-legal and has been completely stressed about money. This morning, a stranger came into the store and gave her $200, saying that it was "a blessing from God" and that he had to do it. She said she'd woken up wondering how she was gonna make it and a few hours later a complete stranger made her load a little lighter. I don't think she'll be a gas station/convenience store cashier much longer (and not because of the unexpected windfall). She's got 3 job interviews set up in the Phoenix area as a para-legal. I wish her the best - she's always been one of the friendlier faces at the store.

A lot of times I get stuck in the general suckiness of life. Even the good stuff seems like a chore - I'm wading through novel revisions with much gnashing of the teeth at the mo' - and I forget that there are peeps who are struggling with tougher stuff. I also forget that there are some really fab unexpected goodnesses (yeah, okay not really a with me here). I'm just glad of the reminder.


At 12:58 PM, Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...

This is a story to hold close. What a totally cool thing to have happen. That clerk will never forget, either. I'll bet she pays it forward over and over and over again.


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