Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Put on the Coffee...

Not that I've been doing much in the way of blogging beyond the podcasts anyway, but I guarantee I'll be doing even less for the next month or so. Why? Um, 'cause it's writing time. I've done a dumb thing and decided to NaNo again this year. Yeah, that's right. After failing miserably last year, I'm doing it again. And to add to the weirdness, I'm working on 2 projects simultaneously. I'm tired of messing around. I need to get off my ass and finish a draft and flesh out the second book idea. So other than posting podcasts and checking email, I'm unplugging from the internet this month. God help me. A whole month with minimal web time. I feel the shakes coming on already. So wish me luck and I'll see ya in December.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Anne Frasier Interview

Suspect: Anne Frasier
Age: I should really just skip this one, shouldn't I?
Occupation: Author
Last known location: Minneapolis, MN

In this week's episode, we talk with Anne about PALE IMMORTAL and the further Tuonela, WI adventures in her upcoming book, GARDEN OF DARKNESS. Listen in to find out what she would do if faced with a (possible) real-life vampire, what her fav. classic horror movie is, and what decidedly unscary things are found on her desk.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

James Oswald Interview

Suspect: James Oswald
Age: Doesn't really matter, does it?
Occupation: Writer, animal poopologist
Last known location: Somewhere unpronounceable in Wales...

This week we talk with author James Oswald, who lives in Wales, but is a Scotsman and don't even think about calling him Welsh or he'll get a wee bit upset with you. Listen in as James talks about his supernatural/police procedural Debut Dagger nominated novel, NATURAL CAUSES, his tragic lack of Halloween experience, and the potential pitfalls of mixing a shepherdess costume with a beard.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Kat Richardson Interview

Suspect: Kat Richardson
Age: Dammit, that's personal!
Occupation: Author of GREYWALKER series
Last known location: Seattle, WA

In this week's episode, Kat talks about her gritty paranormal P.I. books, who she'd pick to play the lead in GREYWALKER: THE MUSICAL, and what sends her Creep-O-Meter into the red zone.

For more info on Kat and her books, visit her website at

(Charlie Huston's interview is also available through this player.)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Switching Podcast Hosts

Why? Because Podomatic had a major melt-down last week, lost all my data and my stuff still hasn't reappeared. I don't have the time or energy to fool around with that any more, so the In for Questioning podcast has moved. Now you can find it over here at LibSyn.

I'm not thrilled - the new host costs money (Podomatic had a decent free service that I was using - glad I hadn't upgraded yet), and I can't figure out how to get the LibSyn podcast player to load onto blogger without it looking totally nasty. There are weird bits of code floating around, though the player will actually work.

I've uploaded Charlie Huston's show, am working on Monday's interview & will gradually replace the other 4 lost shows (hey, I've got limited storage at the new host). So...that's the latest. Off to finish edits and do other stuff like make dinner and read and go over notes. Wish I wasn't such a techno-ninny...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Charlie Huston Interview

Suspect: Charlie Huston
Age: Dunno
Occupation: Writerly dude
Last known location: Another lost soul in La-La Land, CA

In this week's episode, I talk with Charlie about his Joe Pitt books, the benefits of having an undead protagonist, and his status on the Most Wanted lists of PETA and Cozy Mystery Fans.

For more about Charlie and his work, visit his website

Check out his Moon Knight work here

Oh, and it WAS Kabuki. Here's the linky to the writer's website.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Stephen Blackmoore Interview - and an unrelated mini rant

Mini rant first...

I went to my local B&N over the weekend to pick up a few more books for my already structurally unsound TBR tower. I love my B&N. No, really, I do. The closest good indie bookstore is all the way in Sedona & I can't just jump in the car & go when I absolutely, positively MUST have a book RIGHT NOW. So what's the problem? Well, after purchasing said books, I thought I'd get a cup of coffee and read for a bit in the cafe. The hubster was at home, busy growling over Coyote Radio Theater scripts for our Day of the Dead show, so it was actually more peaceful in the freakin' mall. So I settled in and got a few chapters in, digging the quiet and the caffeine.

Until it happened.

"Silent Night."

That's right.

The dreaded Christmas music invasion has begun.

In September.

Need I say more?

Suspect: Stephen Blackmoore
Age: Unknown - hey, not all the undead remember their death-days!
Occupation: Avid reader, writer, and some weird computer-related thing called "a day job."
Last known location: Lost somewhere in La-La Land, CA

In this week's episode, I grill Stephen about the perils of mixing horror and crime, the general squickiness of undead sex, and the tastiness (or lack thereof) of candy corn and wax lips.

Visit Stephen's R-rated blog (it's got fab linkage to his short stories, too) here